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Welcome to 2M

We will offer you one price. This price will include labour, most materials (depending on your finishing choices) and all related fees. It requires minimum client involvement in the project and finances to suppliers and sub-contractors are handed by us. All minor works like small extentions and renovations are quoted on this system.




Most people are not that fortunate and have a career in order to pay for there houses. With our system of Project Management the prospective home owner employ the services of a provessional who is knowledgeable and experienced and know the pitfalls to sucessfully construct a home to the complete satisfaction of the client. Honesty and integrity is the cornerstone as large amounts of money is controlled.
2M have sub-contractors employed on a semi permanent base. These sub-contractors ensure that each one is an expert in his field. The project is handled from the first interview to planning, drawing of plans, registrations, architects and engineers right down to the occupation certificate. Quotes from the sub-contractors are intergrated into the budget which is meticulously controlled. Only the cost of materials and services without any extra profits and mark-ups and the management fee is fixed.
All costs are reflected in a weekly schedule with backing invoices. Numerous categories are checked on a regular base as variables accrue. This is the most cost effective way to building a home. Past clients are my best references.